Leading Stretches

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    Every week, a group of students will lead stretches after a warm-up run and before our activity for the day.  Stretching is a very important aspect of exercising for it helps the body to prepare for activity, improves flexibility and performance, and has been shown to decrease the risk of injury.  Stretching is a skill like most other physical activities that you will do, therefore, it is important to perform that skill correctly.  Additionally, it is important to know the muscles that you will be stretching so that you can map them to the muscles you will use for your activity. 

    Use your muscle diagram called, “Upper and Lower Extremity Muscles” to know which muscles you will be responsible for stretching every week.  These muscles will be used in most activities this year, so, it is a good habit to stretch them daily.

    Each week you will be graded according to the 5 point rubric below depending on how well you meet your leadership responsibilities AS A GROUP.  You are as strong as your weakest link so do your best to keep everybody a strong link.



  1. 1. Group Leadership- be enthusiastic; make sure that class is participating and not off task; every group member is participating in the process; spoke loud and clear enough so the class knew exactly what stretch to do

  2. 2.Stretching- hold at least a 10 count; incorporated push-ups and abs and good finishing routine (like Cup Bears, Killers, etc.)

  3. 3.Naming Muscles- every stretch you do, name the muscles that are being stretched

  4. 4.Diversity- cover all muscles using both seated and standing stretches

  5. 5.Proper Form- make sure that you model proper form for the class, do not rush through the stretches to finish them


The above chart shows how you will be graded on a weekly basis according to your stretching leadership.  This grade is applied to your “Participation” category.