Fitness Days

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    Throughout the year, you will be participating in many different types of fitness days in my class.  My fitness day is Friday.  These fitness days are designed to improve and maintain your fitness in the 5 fitness components:  muscular strength; muscular endurance; cardiovascular, flexibility and body composition.  Every third week, we have the option to rotate between the Gym, Multi-Use Room and Rock Wall (for 8th graders, the Weight Room as well). 

    Below is a matrix of the most common types of fitness activities we will do in my class in the particular locations.  If you miss a fitness day, more than likely it will be one of these types of activities.

Gym Fitness Activities

  1. BulletABC Workout

  2. BulletScooter Basketball

  3. BulletInside/Out Fitness Circuit

  4. BulletTabata Fitness

  5. BulletRep Challenges

  6. BulletTime Challenges

  7. BulletYoga

  8. BulletDeck of Cards Workout

Multi-Use Fitness Activities

  1. BulletResistance Bands Workout

  2. BulletJump Rope Workout

  3. BulletYoga

  4. BulletTabata Fitness

  5. BulletRep and/or Time Challenges

Rock Wall/Fitness Activities

  1. Bullet20 Station Circuit

  2. BulletRock Wall Bucket Game

  3. BulletRock Wall Activities

  4. BulletWeight Room Circuit

Outdoor Fitness Activities

  1. BulletPartner Bleacher Workout

  2. Bullet3 Team Pedometer Challenge

  3. BulletTask Card Workout

  4. Bullet4 Cone Workout

  5. BulletDeck of Cards Workout

  6. BulletRep and/or Time Challenges

  7. BulletTabata Fitness

Weight Room

  1. BulletVarious partner station circuit training

**I add new fitness activities every year so many of these are subject to change.  I take a lot of pride in fitness days and ensuring that you get exposed to new ideas and work hard.