participation grade

Every 3 weeks you will be given 20 points in participation.  3 weeks is a good way to break up the quarter into approximately 3 chunks.  By showing up to class every day with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, following rules and actively participating you should earn your 20 points easily.  However, there are ways to lose points.  Below are many examples of what you can do to lose points and how many points will be taken off of your participation grade.  Participation typically accounts for 20% of your overall grade.  

5 Point Deductions
Chewing Gum
Standing or Laying Down on Roll Call
Minor Class Disruptions (talking over me, overly chatty, etc.)
Throwing Rocks
Minimal effort on Stretching and/or Warm-up Run
Goofing off vs. having fun

10 Point Deductions
Repeating too many of the 5 point deductions too often
Cheating in activities/games (1st Offense)
Unsportsmanlike behavior (verbal and/or physical)
Be removed from class 
Very little effort during entire class
Not dressing out will result in 10 points out of your 50 being deducted for each infraction

20 Point Deductions
Repeat of 10 point deductions
Referral of any kind
Cheating in activities/games (2nd Offense)
Total Lack of Effort

You can do a BUY BACK assignment to earn back 5 points of credit for any missed participation points.  Click HERE to see what the Buy Back Assignment requirements are.