The “BFC”- Bear Fit Challenge

WHY the “BFC”?

The BFC is designed around exercises that emphasize functional and foundational movements.  These exercises are functional because they are based on real world situational movements like reaching, squatting, twisting, balance, etc. and because they require so much core activation.  They are foundational because in almost any type of physical activity you engage in, you will do some type of variation of these movements.  A squat is a perfect example.  Building these functional and foundational movements will not only help to increase overall strength and endurance, but, they will also help to improve athletic performance and decrease injury prevention.  Learning how to do these movements correctly and efficiently are the basis of the BFC.  

WHat are the “BFC” exercises?

The BFC consists of 8 exercises.  Click on each one to watch a short instructional video on how to do each exercise.  Please practice these before your first BFC. 

  1. 1.Push-ups

  2. 2.Jump Rope

  3. 3.Squats

  4. 4.Burpees

  5. 5.Supermans

  6. 6.Shuttle Run

  7. 7.Heel Touch Crunches

  8. 8.Mountain Climbers

WHat is the “bfc” format?

You will do 2 rounds of these 8 exercises using a 40/40 format where you perform the exercise for 40 seconds and then take a 40 second rest.  During the 40 second rest, you will record how many reps you did and then prepare for the next exercise.  You get a 90 second rest between rounds.  This a fast paced challenge.    

what downloads do i have to print out?

There is an entire BFC Packet that you have to print out and put in Tab #3 of your Sportfolio.  You will be keeping consistent data on each of your BFCs that include graphs for each exercise.  Eventually, you will be analyzing this data to see which areas you are improving, staying the same and decreasing.  This data will help you build a fitness plan for yourself. 

Download the Packet HERE. 

watch mr. sickler perform the “BFC”

Click HERE to see what the format looks like.  Mr. Sickler does 1 full round including recording all of his reps.  This is EXACTLY what your BFC is going to look like.


Get your family involved in the BFC by taking the challenge at home.  If you can get a parent and/or family member


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what is the “BFC”?

BFC is designed as an ongoing , incentive/reward based fitness assessment, performed 6-8 times throughout the year that targets key muscles and emphasizes functional movement.  Students will record data after each challenge so that over a long period of time (course of a semester and then a school year) students can analyze that data to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Ultimately, students will use this data collection to design an individualized week long fitness plan.