Manipulative skills Unit

Manipulative skills: learning the appropriate skills to “manipulate” an object by using either an implement or body part

HOW WILL Manipulative skills BE TAUGHT:

Your manipulative skills unit is going to be taught throughout the school year as various facility space and equipment is available.  These will be the manipulative skills that I will focus on.  Some of these will be taught in a sports unit like basketball and others will be taught as a skill and used in different ways, like overhand throwing.

  1. Bulletoverhand and underhand throwing (using different types of balls)- Please go to this link and review the powerpoint presentation on torque and Force as it relates to throwing.  Fill out the Note taking sheet that goes with it.

  2. Bullet

  3. BulletSidearm Throwing (Frisbee)

  4. Bulletcatching with hands or implements (Using different objects)

  5. Bulletstriking with body part (like a volleyball with your arm or soccer ball with your foot)

  6. Bulletstriking with implement (like a racquet in tennis or badminton or a bat in baseball)

  7. Bullethand and foot dribbling

  8. Bullethand and eye coordination (juggling)

In this unit, you will use the following objects:

  1. Bulletfootball

  2. Bulletsoftball


  4. Bullettennis ball

  5. Bulletreaction ball


  7. BulletBean Bags

  8. BulletFrisbee

  9. BulletSoccer balls

  10. BulletBadminton Birdies*

  11. BulletTrack balls*

*If we have time, will be using this equipment

In this unit, you will use the following IMPLEMENTS:



  3. Bulletbadminton racquet*

  4. Bullettracker

  5. Bulletsoftball bats*

*If we have time, will be using this equipment

What you will be responsible for in this unit:

  1. Bulletyou will be responsible for trying hard (even if you know the skill) and encouraging others in the class to do well also

  2. BulletYou will be responsible for teaching your Peers how to perform a skill

  3. Bulletyou will be responsible for critically assessing yourself when performing a skill (you will watch yourself on video and fill out an assessment for for certain skills)

  4. BulletYou will be responsible for completing your packet and turning it in at the end of the unit

What is the manipulative skills unit?

Take a moment to watch this good video on how to throw and catch.  the video teaches the cues.  Since we will be throwing and catching first, this will give many of you a head start when you have to teach your partner how to throw.  Enjoy!!!!

Watch me, I will show you how to throw and catch....all that advice for free!!!!