Jump Rope Unit

  1. *Click on each skill to

   see the video that goes

   with it- a few of the

   skills do not have videos

   associated with it and

   will be taught in class.


Jumping rope is possibly the single most comprehensive and beneficial form of exercise a person can do.  It can be done just about anywhere, alone or in a group, and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle.  Best of all, jumping rope is a form of exercise that is fun, entertaining and highly enjoyable.

Jump Roping

  1. BulletKnow how to properly measure a jump rope

  2. BulletUnderstand & explain jump rope’s cardiovascular, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility benefits

  3. BulletMeasure and evaluate a heart rate response to jump roping activities

  4. BulletConsistently perform the Required Jump Skills

  5. BulletPerform a pre-determined routine based on individual ability

Jump Roping skill Videos

The Rope Skills listed below are the skills you will be responsible for learning and then performing in a final routine.  Click on the skill to watch the video.  If you can’t click on the skill, I have not made a video for it and it will be shown in class instead.

Please print these out and put behind Tab #3 (Unit Materials) in your Sportfolio.  You will use these throughout the Jump Roping Unit.

  1. BulletIntroduction to Jump Rope Unit Screen Cast Note Taking Sheet (.PDF/.DOC)

  2. BulletHeart Rate Log & Graphs.pdf

  3. BulletPerformance Description & Rubric

  4. BulletPerformance Templates

     -Level 1 (.doc / .pdf

      Level 2  (.doc / .pdf)

      Level 3  (.doc / .pdf)

unit handouts


  1. BulletBasic Bounce

  2. BulletJumping Jacks

  3. BulletHeel Touches

  4. BulletSkier

  5. BulletJogging Step

  6. BulletButt Kicks

  7. BulletOne Foot Hop

  8. BulletScissors

  9. BulletBell

  10. BulletHip Twists


  1. BulletCross

  2. BulletHigh Knees

  3. BulletSquat Jacks

  4. BulletCriss Crosses

  5. BulletSkier/Bell Combo

  6. BulletScissor/Jacks Combo

  7. BulletDouble Jogger

  1. Here are a few links to some jump ropes that I recommend you buy- all under $10.00. 

  2. BulletValeo Speed Rope

  3. BulletHarbinger Jump Rope (my personal favorite)

  4. BulletJ-Fit Speed Rope (amazing deal, $4.00)

  5. BulletTKO Light Weight Skip Rope

Wanna Buy a jump Rope


  1. BulletWalk the Dog

  2. BulletKick & Catch

  3. BulletSide Swings

  4. BulletHelicopter

I will be going over your skills test in class.  I am changing how it was done from last year.  I will have printouts and explanations provided in the first few days of the unit.  You will be required to perform choreographed routine as your final skills assessment. 


Click HERE to watch videos that I selected as this year’s all star performances.  Note, these performances were not selected b/c they were perfect, but rather, they were creative, fun and risk taking.


  1. BulletLong Rope Challenges

  (Includes Double Dutch)

all star videos